Security Deposit: Damage and Wear and Tear

Getting your security deposit back can be tricky, in particular knowing what you are liable for and what your landlord is supposed to take care of. Most leases have a clause about damage and normal wear and tear. Deposits will be deducted to pay for damages, while the landlord is responsible for fixing issues that are the result of normal wear and tear, but what is the difference?


Damage is anything major or excessive. Large holes in the walls or even a lot of tiny nail holes are considered damage. While worn paint is considered normal wear and tear. Many times the different between the two will be obvious, but other times it may not. If you are ever confused, the best bet is to ask your landlord, so there will be not issues when you move out. Just remember, you do not have to leave your apartment in the exact place when you moved in.

Quick Tips for Renting An Apartment in Lakewood

Renting an apartment is a huge step no matter what stage in life you are currently at—single, graduating school or starting a family. Ultimately the key is to find a place that you are comfortable with, because you will end up staying there for at least a year. Here are a few quick tips for renting an apartment in Lakewood.


Do not be afraid to negotiate: most financial experts will agree that everything is negotiable—depending on the market. If you are inquiring about an apartment that has been sitting around unoccupied for months, you might have some power. Also, smaller apartment complexes are more willing to budget on pet deposits and fees.  Don’t be afraid to ask.


Skip the rental application fees: if you will be applying to multiple apartments the application fees can add up. Instead pull up your own credit report and ask potential managers if they will accept that instead. Many times they will, so do not hesitate to ask.


These were just a few quick tips. Be sure to do your research and be prepared when searching for a new apartment. Good luck and happy hunting.

Sushi Tips For Beginners in Lakewood

Let’s talk sushi. 2016 is the year to spice things up and to trying something new, and what better place to start than with food. There are many great sushi spots in Lakewood, so if you have a craving for some sushi, here are a few tips to use the next time you dine out.


Do not mix wasabi: many people mix wasabi with sushi (which is tasty by the way) but the spice was meant to be eaten alone. Put a few tiny pieces of wasabi on top of your roll and try eating it that way instead.


Use the ginger: most people just skip right over the ginger because of its strong taste, but the plant is supposed to be used to cleanse your taste buds when trying a new sushi roll.


Eat with your fingers: chopsticks can be intimidating, but traditionally sushi is eaten as a finger food, so stop pretending like you know what you are doing and just eat with your hands.