Celebrate Labor Day Weekend

Labor Day weekend is almost upon us, so it’s a time for many to get ready for relaxation and recharging during their much-needed break from work. Here are a couple suggestions for your holiday weekend!

If shopping is on your to-do list this weekend, look no further than the Lakewood Center. There’s something for absolutely everyone (plus some stores have the lovely labor day sales going on, so take advantage)! It’s also good to do when you’re trying to escape the heatwave going on this weekend. If the heat doesn’t bother you a bit, you can head out to Liberty Park & Fitness Center. There are playgrounds and a splash pad for the kiddos, fitness stations, picnic areas, a disc golf course, plus many other options for anyone in your group. Just remember the sunscreen and water!

From all of us here at Park Del Amo Apartments, have a fun and safe weekend with those you love!

Why You Should Make Park Del Amo Your New Home

Located within the Lakewood, California area, the Park Del Amo Apartments offers the luxury of peace and tranquility. Just moments away from the famous Lakewood Mall shopping center, the facility sits near five major California freeways, thus making it much easier to commute. The urban and the suburban mix very well and add the balance needed for those who love the city but still crave quiet and solitude.

Each unit has several amenities. All are equipped with a kitchen that has a dishwasher, a microwave, and a gas-powered stove and oven. Additional unit features include energy efficient ceiling fans and expansive floor plans, along with a balcony or a patio. Double-paned windows help seal in the central heating and air that each apartment was designed for, which helps to keep your energy bill at a reasonable cost. The walls for each unit are painted in a variety of colors, thus adding to your home’s overall charm. Each unit is smoke-free for your health and safety.

Community features include an on-site laundromat and preferred parking, a parking garage, and covered parking. The outdoor area is surrounded by an abundance of luxurious landscaped gardens and trees for all to enjoy. The beauty and luxury of the Park Del Amo Apartments remain irresistible, and outdoor grilles are provided for those who wish to host a celebratory barbecue.

Park Del Amo offers a variety of floor plans, from studio to two bedrooms. Prices start at $1,360 per month. And with every luxury under the California sun, who can resist? To view leasing information, simply visit http://parkdelamoapts.com/. From there, you can access pricing and even apply online!

Best Night Life Spots in Lakewood

Weekends are meant for fun, and if you live in Lakewood, there’s no excuse why you can’t go out and have the time of your life. Whether you like to go out alone or with a group of friends, there are a number of amazing things to do so that you can enjoy Lakewood’s night life spots to the fullest. The trouble is actually narrowing down your choices and deciding on where to go out. For your convenience, I’ve listed the top three places I suggest you check out first in the city of Lakewood. The following spots have great Yelp reviews and are sure to immerse you in great company, quality service, and refreshing drinks.

Zanzabuku Cocktails
Cocktail Bar
4825 Paramount Blvd
Opens at 10:00 AM

Hideaway the Hideaway
Cocktail Bar
5523 South St
Bar games · Great cocktails · Cozy

Snug Harbor
Cocktail Bar
Del Amo Cleaners, 5520 Del Amo Blvd
Opens at 6:00 AM

Last Minute Holiday Shopping Tips To Use in Lakewood

So you’re one of those last minute shoppers? Don’t feel bad, most people are. But if you are reading this, there’s still a few quality days of Christmas shopping before the big day, so here are a few tips to help make life easier.


Discount gift cards: did you know you can purchase discount gift cards. Yes, there are a few sites that offer, say a $50 gift card for $45. You can purchase them for cheap and then ship them directly to your friends and family.


Buy online and ship: Most online store will be offering free online or expedited shipping over the next few days. So skip the malls, shop online and ship them directly to the people on your list. Last minute holiday shopping has never been so easy.


Ship food: another great last minute gift idea is to ship food. You can send cookies, cupcakes, desserts, or even meat packages. Many online stores offer a huge discount for first time users.

Visit the Santa HQ at the Lakewood Center

Santa Claus is moving out of the North Pole and planting his Head Quarters at the Lakewood Center Mall this holiday season. Well, not really, but that’s what you can tell your kids. This year the Lakewood Center will be turning a picture and visit with Santa into a high tech and over the top experience. The fun starts with Elfie selfies, Elf-ray vision, a holiday movie maker, and a Naughty o Nice meter.

Waiting for Santa has never been so much fun (which is great for parents standing in those long lines with fussy children). The HQ will also feature activity stations, tablets, and apps that let the kids share the fun via social media.

Lakewood Center’s “Santa HQ” turns the tradition of visiting Santa into a high-tech, family-fun activity. Now through December 8, there’s a special online early-bird offer for a photo package and a reserved place in line. Santa has never been so trendy.

Santa’s workshop is open until Christmas Eve. Parents can make reservations online and recieve an early bird discount on their photo packages. Visit www.shoplakewoodcenter.com/Events to make a reservation.


3 Secrets For Staying Active and Fit During the Holidays

We have a choice this holiday season: we can give up on our diets and just enjoy the gluttonous eating or resolve to stay fit and active by working out and eating right. Sure, the first option is fun, but let’s try to be healthy over the next few months. 


Walk before or after meals: Most health experts tout the 10,000 steps a day routine. So be sure to go for walks before or after meals. The walking will help your metabolism work overtime and burn off all that yummy holiday food.


Stay Hydrated: Resolve to quit soda and all those other sugary drinks (or at least keep them to a minimum). The water will keep you full well also cleaning out our system.  


Eat Veggies: veggies are low calorie and will satiate your appetite as well. Also be sure to stay away from the carbs, which just turn into sugar and add to your weight again.

Need After-School Care: The Lakewood Activity Zone Is Now Open

Parenting is a challenge–particularly for those working moms and dads struggling to find affordable after school care. Most programs can cost an arm and a leg, while others might not provide the safety or type of educational services a parent might want.

The City of Lakewood, however, has come to the rescue with its After-School Activity Zone free drop-in program. The parks and rec department provides a supervised and interactive after-school program for middle schoolers and preteens in the area. The program runs from Monday to Friday starting at 3 p.m. and extending to 5 p.m.

The program offers kids playground games, homework help, and various craft projects. Parents need not worry as all children will be properly supervised by trained after school program staff in a safe and friendly environment.

Each Lakewood park runs its own program, so check out the City’s website to find the closest location to you. If you need more information, call city hall at 562-866-9771, extension 2408 or visit: http://www.lakewoodcity.org/civicax/filebank/blobdload.aspx?BlobID=24908

Which Bars Are Showing the Olympics in Lakewood?

The Rio Olympics are finally here with a host of must see athletes that starts with Usain Bolt, Michael Phelps and a host of others. The event will produce over 6000 hours of coverage ranging from TV, online, to iOS and Android apps. However, one of the best ways to watch the Olympics is by going to a sports bar with multiple screens and taking it all in. If you are ready to cheer on America, here is a list of three great sports bars that will be hosting the Rio Olympics.


Buffalo Wild Wings

4678 Daneland Street

Lakewood, CA 90712

Phone number(562) 220-2760


Coopers House of Brewmasters

4823 Paramount Blvd

Lakewood, CA 90712

Phone number(562) 428-2908


Glory Days Sports Grill

4132 Woodruff Ave

Lakewood, CA 90713

Phone number(562) 420-2424

Lakewood Outdoor Activities to Try with the Family

Spending time outdoors with your family is a great way to bond and enjoy nature. Many times we get stuck on our phones or in front of a TV and forget to enjoy nature. Here is a quick list of three great outdoor activities to try with your family over the next few weeks. Rynerson Park is great for running or hiking with the family. Mayfair Park, is great for summing and relaxing in the sun. While golf and country club is perfect for hitting balls on the driving range. Here is a bit more info, about each location.


Rynerson Park

San Gabriel River Mid Trl

Lakewood, CA

Phone number: (562) 925-6912


Mayfair Park

5720 Clark Ave

Lakewood, CA 90712

Phone number: (562) 866-4776


Lakewood Golf & Country Club

3101 Carson Street

Lakewood, CA 90712

Phone number: (562) 421-0550

Summer BBQ Grill Tips

One of the best parts about summer is the eating. We BBQ nonstop and enjoy life and the great weather. If you are planning on hosting a memorable summer BBQ here are a few simple grilling tips to cook the best meats possible.


Create a menu: most times BBQ food is a mix and match of an assortment of things. Instead, try creating a menu of foods that match and actually go together. Your guest will appreciate it.

Make a signature drink: signature drinks are always fun at a BBQ. You can still have beers or wine, but also make a fun, summery cocktail for your guest to enjoy.

Grill beef with high heat: grilling your beef on low to medium heat will only dry it out. For moist and juicy meat try grilling it on high.